The Only Tours That Take You Into the Asheville Mystery Museum!

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Experience the spookiest sites of downtown Asheville with your expert local guide. Enjoy hair-raising tales and dark history, then descend to the basement of the Asheville Masonic Temple to explore the Asheville Mystery Museum. Created & owned by Joshua P. Warren, this is Asheville's original and ultimate ghost adventure!

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Things Die Slowly in the Mountains...

ASHEVILLE is a haunted city. These mountains are the oldest in the country, and bear the residues of Native American spiritualism, the bloody Civil War, and some of history's most dynamic personalities. Psychics are drawn here from around the globe, mysterious "vortex" energy is reported, and paranormal investigation thrives. Travel the streets as we send a chill down your spine.

Based on the acclaimed work of best-selling author Joshua P. Warren, our tours explore Asheville's most enchanting and eerie sites.

You'll learn about:

* The Pink Lady who haunts the Grove Park Inn

* Chilling apparitions from a suicide at Helen's Bridge

* A young lady brutally murdered in the Battery Park Hotel

* Spirits from the madman who executed our city's largest killing spree

* A body entombed in the wall of St. Lawrence, and much more.

* Not only will you experience Asheville's dark underbelly, but you'll also learn about ghost hunting yourself. It's the original adventure produced by Asheville's original ghost expert.

The Only Tours That Take You Into the Asheville Mystery Museum

With the exception of the Biltmore Village Mystery Tour, all of our tours take you into the Asheville Mystery Museum. Located in the Asheville Masonic Temple, our museum features exhibits that detail more of Asheville's haunts and history, as well as equipment used by Joshua P. Warren on investigations and on television shows including Ghost Adventures . As part of your tour you will be given the opportunity to use ghost hunting equipment in an environment shielded from the interference that can make readings on the streets inaccurate. (Power lines, radios, etc.)

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