Tadd McDivitt

I have been a resident of Asheville North Carolina since 1988. Upon discovering a love for classical languages and anthropology in college, I spent the next 25+ years consuming everything on the subject of "the occult" I could get my hands on. I began working for Haunted Asheville as a guide and researcher in 2011. I am now the Chief Occult Researcher.

* USUALLY, Tadd hosts the 8pm Supernatural Tour on Friday nights, and the 8pm Classic Tour on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Brian Bloxsom

In addition to being a tour guide, I am a middle school science teacher in Henderson County. I became interested in the paranormal when I had a personal experience several years ago. I have been an amateur paranormal investigator for over a decade. I love this city and have a passion for sharing its history.

* USUALLY, Brian hosts the 8pm Classic Tour on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Christian MacLeod

Christian "Sweet C" MacLeod is the Cryptid Guy. Founder, director, and lead investigator of the Asheville Cryptid Society, he has over twenty years of experience investigating Cryptid and Paranormal activities. With a passion for studying and preserving The Native American Tribe culture, folklore, and legends, he also knows about dealing with topics such as The Occult, UFOs, Forbidden Archeology, The Freemasons, The Knights Templar, Secret Societies and many other Governmental cover-up allegations and Conspiracy theories. Christian holds a Bachelor’s level degree in Psychology and minor in Criminology from the University of South Florida, as well as continuing his higher education by working towards a dual Master’s Degree in American History and Education through Western Carolina University. You may contact him through: https://AmericanCryptidAndParanormalSociety.com/

* USUALLY, Christian hosts the 8pm Classic Tour on Tuesday nights, and at 8:30 or 9pm on Friday and Saturday.